Experts explained why premature graying occurs.

Experts explained why premature graying occurs. Gray hair appears at different ages in different people – some see gray hair during their teenage years, while others notice it in old age, with some even later in life.

Scientists from the UK sought to understand why premature graying happens. According to researchers, the main cause of gray hair is stress, even when other life conditions are similar, with some exceptions. If one is constantly stressed, lacks sleep, and neglects the principles of a healthy lifestyle, ‘silver’ hair on their head can appear prematurely.

This theory was put forth by scientists after conducting an experiment with twins who had identical genetic predispositions. The twin who had an unhealthy diet, was constantly stressed, and had little sleep started graying earlier than the one leading a healthy lifestyle without stress.

Experts found that hair grays due to the activation of specific forms of oxygen. The more frequently and intensely a person experiences stress, the more actively the aging process in their body develops.

Furthermore, scientists debunked the theory that one can go gray overnight. Even after a significant emotional shock, hair gradually turns gray. Only the newly grown hair changes color, while the existing hair cannot turn gray.

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