20 Charming Photos of Animals Taken in Veterinary Clinics Around the World.

Being a veterinarian is an inexpressibly noble occupation. It includes its joys and challenges like any other profession, but caring for and treating animals requires tremendous responsibility. It is a job in which you get to spend a lot of time with cute and adorable creatures, but it is also often fraught with hard moments, frustrations and sadness.

One thing is for sure, being a veterinarian is never a boring job. Sometimes frightened dogs, cats, and other animals develop a special bond with their doctors. Some patients even get so used to their veterinarians that they’ll hide in their pockets. We’ve collected some funny photos for you from veterinary clinics around the world, and we hope they make your day brighter.

The cutest hugs.

«I’m your baby now, human!»

That must have been a good joke.

«I’m not getting out of this pocket again!»

What an adorable puppy! And how brave he is!

Wow, that’s a big bunny!

Pocket kittens are a hoot.

Cute to the point of tears.

And puppies love cozy pockets, too.

They’re everywhere!

Super dog!

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