The soaked kitten sat in the parking lot and cried, begging passersby for help.

On a rainy day in Quebec, Canada, a resident named Katie Blouin happened to find a little kitten who was barely a couple months old. The kitten was sitting in the rain in a parking lot crying and trying to get the attention of passersby. Katie was the only one who noticed the little cry and decided to help.

She heard a faint cry as she left the hospital and followed the sound to find the source. There, between the trash cans, she found a soaked kitten.

Although the kitten was scared at first, Katie was able to catch it and take it into the car. «She hissed at me quietly at first,» Katie recalls, «but then she realized I just wanted to help.»

Katie realized that the kitten had been abandoned and had no intention of being found. She decided to take the little girl home and include her in her close-knit family. Kathy’s children gave the kitten the name Whippet.

The whippet was fed, bathed and thoroughly warmed up as she had a bad cold from being out in the rain.

The whippet immediately showed gratitude to her rescuer. She snuggled up to Katie, purring loudly, and fell asleep.

Katie gave this little kitty a new life and a new friend.

The family already had another house cat named Oreo. Whippet spent a few days in a separate room to get used to her new place. Then it was time to introduce her to Oreo.

Oreo was immediately interested in his new friend and cared for her as if she were his own daughter. He taught Whippet cat skills such as washing, eating, and using the litter box. The whippet always followed Oreo and repeated his actions.

These two cats are always together, playing, sleeping and just enjoying each other. The whippet is now four months old, but she is always by Oreo’s side, who is like a second father to her.

The story of this feline couple is a true example of how through care and love, even the smallest and most vulnerable creatures can find a family and a long-awaited home.

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