The abandoned kitten with slanted eyes grew into a magnificent lady.

Luna, a small cat with unusual slanted eyes, started her life with hardship. She and her brothers were abandoned in the garden of a private home in New Zealand and were found in a terrible state. Weak, sick and with an infection, they needed immediate help.

The homeowners contacted an animal rescue organization and one of the volunteers, Samantha Boston, took Luna and her brother Logan into her care. The kittens were exposed to cat flu, worms and were emaciated. One of the kittens unfortunately did not survive.

Luna has proven herself to be quite the fighter. Early in her life, she had to overcome an upper respiratory infection that caused crusting on her eyes and nose, making it difficult for her to see and breathe. Despite these challenges, she fought for her life.

After treatment and opening their eyes, Samantha noticed that Luna and Logan’s eyes were slanted. Doctors confirmed that it will stay with them forever, but it won’t affect their health and vision.

Luna became very attached to Samantha and followed her everywhere, expressing her gratitude and love.

With gratitude for the challenges she overcame and Samantha’s care, Luna grew into a strong and healthy cat. She soon found a permanent family where she made new friends, including Lucca the dog and Tilly the kitten.

Luna has proven to be a wonderful addition to her new family and has been a happy cat. Her peculiarity, slanted eyes, only add to her charm.

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