The best ways to restore the splendid appearance of suede footwear.

Nubuck is a material made from genuine leather that resembles suede and has a texture similar to velvet. To keep it in good condition, it’s essential to take extra care, especially when dealing with stains on the nap. Our best cleaning tips for this material will help restore your footwear to its pristine condition quickly.

Nubuck is a natural leather material that resembles suede and has a texture similar to velvet. To keep it in good condition, it requires special care, so it’s useful to know how to treat the pile if it gets dirty. Our top tips on how to clean this kind of material will get your shoes back to their perfect appearance in no time.

There are several ways to clean nubuck depending on how bad the soiling is.

You’ll need:

A nubuck cleaning kit including a nubuck brush, cloth and block. You can buy the right shoe accessories from Watsons online store.
Nubuck cloth (a soft cloth designed for spot cleaning).

Special brush (similar to a suede brush, it has metal bristles on one side and rubber bristles on the other).

Nubuck cleaner (usually in the form of aerosol spray, foam or liquid).

Stain remover (often comes in the form of an eraser or pencil).

Leather degreaser (a powerful cleaner in paste, spray or liquid form. Make sure the product is suitable for suede/nubuck, as some are designed for smooth leather only.

A nubuck/suede block (usually made of sandstone, abrasive but safe).

Nubuck care product.

Algorithm of Action:

To keep your shoes in their natural shape, stuff them with paper or use wooden shoe pads. Take off the laces, if there are any.

First, wipe the product with a nubuck cloth to get rid of dirt and dust. Stick to circular motions on the affected areas.

If the dirt still remains, use a brush, again in careful circular motions. Don’t tri too hard, as this can rub off the surface. Go over the surface in the direction of the pile to gently remove loose dirt. Alternatively, use a clean, soft toothbrush.

To remove stains, apply a special cleaner designed for nubuck. Treat the stains following the manufacturer’s instructions. If the cleaner is an aerosol, spray it on the stain or, if it is a liquid, gently apply it with a cloth. Leave the shoe to dry overnight, then brush again.

To remove greasy stains, you may need a special leather degreaser. Follow the instructions on the degreaser — it’s usually simple: spray it on the stain and leave it on for a while before wiping off any residue.

For the most stubborn stains, you’ll need a special block to buff the stain until the dirt is gone. Wipe off any residue and gently scrub the pile.

To protect the item in the future and prevent the nubuck from drying out, use a sponge and apply a special product to protect the material.

As a type of leather, nubuck has little water resistance, but it is also easily subject to stains. Two or three times a year, you should apply a waterproofing and stain-resistant spray to protect your shoes from rain.

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