Not just blue: what other denim colors are trendy for fall and winter 2023?

Blue jeans have long been a classic, and they will never go out of style. Moreover, there are many shades of blue, from light blue, which is especially popular in the summer and late spring, to dark blue, perfect for the cold seasons.

But if you want some variety, we recommend considering jeans in other colors.

Here are the trendy denim colors for this fall and winter.


Gray is the season’s favorite. You can wear it in monochromatic looks or mix it with other shades: blue, pink, black, white, red. Jeans in this color are also suitable for autumn, and like blue jeans, there are many options: from light gray to almost black. You can choose several different models at once.


Black jeans go well with everything and are as trendy as it gets for the fall and winter season. Plus, they don’t look as dull and formal as, for example, black trousers. Another bonus in favor of this color is practicality.

Beige and Brown

As the rainy and cold weather arrives, it’s better to swap out white jeans for beige ones – they look much more harmonious with our climate. We also recommend paying attention to brown and even copper shades – they were frequently seen on the runways for autumn-winter 2023 and look intriguing.


This autumn, we continue to wear items in a metallic shade, including jeans. And, by the way, such models are trendy not only for evening outfits but also for daytime ones. Style them with your everyday clothing and confidently head to a café for breakfast.


Another shade that looks particularly harmonious in the fall. And another plus – brands offer several options of this color, from light to dark.

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