Stylish and Elegant Outfits for Women 50+.

Irina Konareva is a stylist image-maker who knows how to properly compose images in various style directions. I believe that Irina has impeccable taste. Therefore, I would like to offer you to see a selection of different styles: classic, dramatic, casual, urban chic, sporty, urban chic, bohemian and others.

Just look at how everything is just right — elegant and modern. Such a woman will not go unnoticed.

Everything seems so simple, however it is at first glance. Here, the colors are very harmoniously combined with each other, as well as the textures of the fabrics. Overall the image looks spectacular and attractive.

It’s all about the fact that in the image every detail is thought out to the smallest detail. Clothes are complemented by the right shoes, accessories, glasses of a certain shape. Exactly, the glasses should also harmonize with everything else.

In almost all the pictures, the glasses have different shapes and colors. And it is right, because this accessory should not only protect from the sun, but also complement the image, decorating it and making it complete. Then the whole bow will look whole and harmonious.

In the seventh picture, notice the round pendant and the rounded shape of the sunglasses, which go perfectly together. And their color perfectly matches the shade of the coat and jewelry.

And here in pictures eight and nine, the pendant has corners, so the glasses also have that shape, and their color matches the clothes.

Don’t forget that a beautiful and stylish image is created through careful selection of every detail that will complement each other. Then and everyday images will look chic.

Stylist Irina knows how to work out images to the smallest detail. Just look at how her model looks in a spectacular black and white set!

The black mittens added even more flair to the look and go well with the blouse, creating the illusion of layering.

At any age, a woman should look after herself and be able to dress beautifully. After all, it is very important to be always feminine, elegant and beautiful.

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