The Perfect Outfit for a Friend’s Wedding: A Detailed Guide.

Summer and early autumn are the most popular seasons for weddings. It’s likely that a friend or colleague has already sent you an invitation. If not, it’s quite possible it will happen soon. And when it does, you’ll be ready, as we’ll tell you how to dress for a summer wedding to look your best.

Girls just love picking out dresses. And we men always want to make as little effort as possible to choose clothes. If you manage to dress so that in the future without shame to look at your photos — a victory!

In fact, to look so that your companion (or pretty bridesmaid, if you are a bachelor) not only not afraid to be photographed next to you, but also charmed by your stylish appearance, is not so difficult. Win-win combinations that suit absolutely everyone have long been compiled. In this guide, we’ve gathered the best tips.

1. Read the invitation

No, seriously, read the whole thing, not just the date and place. The phrases «White Tie,» «Formal,» «Full Dress» «Black Tie,» «Black Tie Invited,» or «Cocktail Attire» mean you need to be on parade. Whether the wedding will be country style, chic or casual, the required dress code will be specified in the invitation. If it’s not specified in advance, but you’re on friendly terms with the newlyweds, you can check with them about how dressy you need to look.

Joe Ottaway, stylist to Jude Law and David Gandhi, insists that a dress code is a must at any wedding. No matter how much you want to stand out or, conversely, relax, it’s worth showing respect for the newlyweds on their big day.

2. Show personality

Having a dress code, however, does not mean that you need to change your own style. Take the advice of stylist Joe Harris: «Whether you’re going to a casual or formal event, keep your style in mind. Make sure you’re not only dressed according to the dress code, but also true to yourself.» If you have a pronounced preference (for example, to wear clothes of certain colors), do not change them and in choosing an outfit for the wedding — pick up the whole image or accessories in these shades. Even a small detail — a watch or a flower in the buttonhole — can emphasize your personality.

3. Don’t overshadow the groom

The cardinal rule of wedding attire for a guest regardless of gender: you can’t look brighter than the bride and groom! According to men’s fashion editor Tony Cook, the most important thing is to not draw more attention with your outfit than the celebrants. This means that your outfit shouldn’t be too eccentric. Even if there is no dress code at the event and your personal style is neon colors and flashy jewelry, try to dress a little more understated on this day.

4. Take into account all the details

Namely the location of the wedding, the intended program, the weather. For example, the wedding is planned on a cool fall day in the city. On it you can wear a chic suit with a jacket of dense material. But for a ceremony on the beach, it makes no sense to put on many layers of clothing. Short sleeves are acceptable, shoes can be worn without socks, and the best material for the suit will be linen. If you know you’ll be dancing a lot, make sure your shoes aren’t too tight. The ceremony is planned to take place outside and they promise rain — bring an umbrella, etc.

5. Choose win-win looks
Dinner jacket

When it comes to evening events, most often «black tie» means that the man should come in a dinner jacket. Summer weddings are usually held in nature, where such an outfit will not be appropriate. But when a fancy celebration is planned in a restaurant or country club, you can afford the appropriate attire. You do not have a dinner jacket? Don’t be in a hurry to buy one. Think about whether you will attend such events in the future. If the answer is yes, then buying a dinner jacket will be a good «investment» in style for years to come. If you’re not a frequent guest at black tie events, however, a dinner jacket can be rented.

When you’re not sure of the colour, go for black or navy blue. The first one is always an up-to-date classic. The second one doesn’t look too bright, but it’s much more interesting than black, especially in artificial light. Note that a dinner jacket is worn with a bow tie and belt. Classic accessories (cufflinks, handkerchief or boutonniere) and impeccable shoes will be the best addition to it.

Double suit

A timeless classic that fits any more or less formal dress code is, of course, the double suit. Trousers and a single-breasted or double-breasted jacket, tailored to the figure, classic shade and simple cut — what could be better? Such a basic suit can be played up in different ways, wearing a stricter or brightly coloured shirt, interesting ties and other accessories.

If you don’t have a two-piece suit, by all means get one, it will come in handy for both festive events and business meetings. Ideally, of course, to have two versions: for warm and cold seasons. In the first case, you need a breathable fabric: cotton or linen. In the second — merino wool or blends with it in the composition. But in general, a suit made of high-quality cotton can be called universal. So are dark blue and grey colours. Shades of beige are also considered a classic. But cobalt or any other brighter shade of blue is also acceptable. Choose interesting colours (red, green, prints, etc.) if you already have a basic suit.

When creating the perfect image for the wedding, details are important. The shirt should be perfectly ironed and not «compete» in brightness with the suit. It looks best white, pastel blue or pale pink. Tie is not always obligatory, but putting it on, make sure that it fits the suit. You can go for the same colour so you don’t miss out. As for shoes — shoes, loafers or boots — the choice is yours.

Triple suit

A more fashionable version of the suit — with a waistcoat. This stylish look will definitely not go unnoticed wherever you go. David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds, who wear a three-piece suit both in peace and in feast, are examples of this. Another advantage of the waistcoat: even if you take off your jacket, you’re still on parade. The same rules apply with a three-piece suit as with the previous variant. The only thing is, don’t overload it with accessories. Such an outfit is already a statement in itself.

Jacket and pants

If you’re not afraid to experiment, try matching a simple black, gray or white pants with a contrasting jacket. Famous actors and athletes most often choose this option. The jacket can be double-breasted or single-breasted, but be sure to sit well on the figure. The right model, not too tight, but not baggy, will correct proportions — shoulders will make wider, waist — narrower. And a jacket with a small number of buttons (one or two rows) will visually add a couple of centimeters of height.

It can also be a blazer — a model with patch pockets, patches and contrasting buttons like on a tunic. Such a jacket will fit perfectly into the informal dress code, but will not look too simple and boring. It will be well complemented by a polo or oxford shirt.

The shade of the jacket can be any. With classic white and gray you will not miss, but summer is the time when you can afford brighter colors. Why not try mint, sky blue, pale yellow. The whole palette of brown, blue, green, etc. is also at your service. Shoes should be chosen based on the general style: shoes — for a more strict outfit, loafers — for a celebration on the beach or in nature. For an image in neutral colors, choose noticeable accessories. Jacket bright color can not be complemented by anything, the outfit itself looks winning.

Choosing a suit for any event, first of all, pay attention to the quality of fabric and how it sits on the figure. And also how comfortable you feel in it. If you feel at ease, you’ll make the best impression. Tell us, which of the listed models of suits do you like the most?

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