Is he sick?»: A photo of Paris Hilton’s 9-month-old son has alarmed fans.

One detail immediately catches the eye.

Paris Hilton recently welcomed a son. She didn’t give birth to the baby herself but sought the help of a surrogate mother. The photo of her child that the star posted on social media has deeply alarmed her followers. Many have suspected that the little boy might have an incurable illness.

The attention in the photo immediately falls on Felix’s enormous head. Fans of the Hollywood diva found it disproportionately large compared to the rest of his body.

Everyone started asking if he has any genetic conditions, but Hilton herself has not mentioned anything about it in the media. She also tactfully remained silent in response to fan comments.

«Such a beautiful child, but why is his head so big?», «He’s so cute. Is he ill?», «A beautiful heir,» «Does he have a diagnosis?», «Mom’s pride is growing,» wrote the followers.

Source of the photo: Paris Hilton/Social Media

Source of the photo: Legion-Media

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