Britney Spears could have had a child with this famous singer: he is known to millions.

The baby was never allowed to be born.

Britney Spears revealed another chapter of her biography, and it turned out to be quite shocking for many. It was revealed that the singer had an abortion by a very popular performer. He wasn’t ready for the child.

Ksenia Borodina has revealed a secret from a 2000s star. She told her followers that the artist supposedly became pregnant by Justin Timberlake. It was he who insisted that the baby should not be born.

The main argument was that the singer was not ready for such responsibility, and the star herself did not particularly dream about parenthood. All these revelations were supposed to be part of the artist’s memoirs, which would undoubtedly reveal her from a different, previously unknown side to her fans.

«What a fierce revelation there will be in her memoirs if many of Britney Spears’ acquaintances were taken aback when they learned about the book’s release,» Borodina wrote on her Telegram channel.

Source of the photo: Legion-Media, Unsplash

Author: Nikolay Pirogov

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