This dish drives Prince George crazy: he eats it until Kate Middleton doesn’t see.

Many children and even adults can relate to the little heir to the throne.

It seems that the future heir to the British throne prefers attending events with his father, away from his mother’s watchful eye. And it’s all because he can indulge in his favorite food there.

Days ago, Prince George and Prince William attended a rugby match between the England and Argentina teams. The game was undoubtedly thrilling, but the young prince managed to steal everyone’s attention when he was spotted joyfully eating pizza.

The press didn’t waste any time and instantly dubbed the boy the «Pizza Prince.» His mother, Kate Middleton, usually keeps a close eye on her children’s diets and rarely allows them such indulgences, but in this case, she couldn’t resist making light of the situation.

«He thoroughly enjoyed it,» she said during a meeting with Sir Bill Beaumont, as reported by US Magazine.

Source of the photo: Legion-Media

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