«The stressed-out hero»: which movie character wouldn’t mind ordering vitamins from OZON.

We often see on screen characters who portray irritable and aggressive individuals constantly under stress. Let’s take an important lesson from these movies and learn how not to push ourselves to a similar state. Sometimes, for peace of mind, good mood, and resilience against life’s difficulties, it’s enough to take some vitamin B12 or B6, get a good night’s sleep, and give ourselves a few days of psychological detox. So, which movie characters could benefit from heeding our advice?

OZON specialists recommend that everyone monitors the state of their body and mind. If you suspect a deficiency of certain vitamins and micronutrients, consult a doctor and get the appropriate tests done. Practice shows that almost everyone has a deficiency of important substances in their body, but self-medication is not advisable. Remember that an excess of vitamins in the body can be more dangerous than a deficiency.

«That’s enough from me.»

Michael Douglas is an extremely talented actor who was able to portray the character of William Foster, a man who pushes himself to a psychological breakdown. According to the script, an ordinary clerk experiences a day when everything and everyone gets on his nerves, from endless traffic jams to clueless cashiers. Ultimately, the stress crisis leads the hero to tragic consequences.

It’s quite likely that William should have paid more attention to his health, incorporating B vitamins into his diet in a timely manner, as well as foods rich in magnesium, zinc, potassium, and other micronutrients. These are the elements that help our bodies better cope with stressful situations.

«Good Will Hunting»

The second character in our selection is the eponymous genius who, while working as a janitor at a university, discovers his talent in virtually any discipline. Later, a local professor takes him under his wing, and then a psychotherapist. How could this young man have helped himself in conditions of almost constant mental strain?

For everyone who is actively learning, it is recommended to ensure an adequate intake of vitamins from groups E, D, C, and B. They comprehensively strengthen the immune system, promote the proper absorption of oxygen, improve memory, and enhance the functioning of the nervous system.

«Anger Management»

The unusual pair of actors, Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson, once again demonstrated how important it is to maintain self-control and not lose your temper over trivial matters, especially when you are in a position of authority. Yes, in the end, Nicholson’s character did learn to manage his anger to some extent, but if he were taking vitamins, the task might have been easier for him.

For irritability, it’s recommended to check the levels of vitamins from the B2, B3, B12, B6, and C groups. It’s also important to monitor magnesium and calcium levels, as well as folic acid and pantothenic acid.

Source of the photo: Screenshot from the movie «The Wolf of Wall Street» / Unsplash

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