Kate Middleton only orders this dessert in a restaurant: she enjoys it and doesn’t gain weight.

In Russia, treating others is a rare occurrence.

Kate Middleton is quite the sweet tooth. Of course, the Princess of Wales watches her figure and prefers to eat healthy food. But when she spots her favorite dessert in a restaurant, she orders it immediately.

The wife of Prince William is known for her commitment to a healthy diet. In recent years, the mother of three, who has become noticeably slender, has startled her subjects: she seems to consist of skin and bones.

Despite her strict diet, the 42-year-old royal occasionally indulges in forbidden sweets. Her favorite is the British sticky toffee pudding. According to chef Rodney Varro, Middleton loves it for the moist texture of the sponge and the sweet scent of toffees, as reported by People.

Source of the photo: Legion Media

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