Friends spilled the beans: here’s what’s really going on between Lopez and Affleck.

Rumors of trouble in the couple have been circulating for a while.

The reunion of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez was a big deal, but it was a surprise to many when it became known that not everything is going smoothly in their relationship. This information was confirmed by friends of the couple.

According to a source close to the celebrities, the honeymoon phase in their marriage has ended, and they had to face the harsh reality with many pressures. This includes paparazzi pursuits, rumors, a busy work schedule, and choices at home. The insider assures that they love each other but are very tired of excessive curiosity. The fact that Ben Affleck appears happier with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner in recent photos hasn’t gone unnoticed and served as the basis for the initial rumors of trouble with J.Lo.

«Yes, there have been a lot of recent photos of them together where Ben looks happier than when he’s with J.Lo. This hasn’t escaped Lopez’s notice. She doesn’t think Ben wants to get back with Jen — J.Lo really loves Jen, but what woman wouldn’t be a little jealous?» said friends of the stars in a comment to  In Touch.

Source of the photo: Legion-Media

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