Their expressions say it all: 12 extremely emotional cats.

Cats, although they can’t speak in words, can express their feelings and emotions in many ways. Their expressive faces often speak for themselves, and words are not always necessary to understand what’s going on in the soul of your furry companion. Here are a few moments when cats demonstrate their feelings:

«This is his first encounter with the outside world, and he is full of curiosity.»

«When he realized we were on our way to the vet, his expression became clear.»

«My Marsic saw something amazing on the street and decided to share it with me.»

«Cats have sad moments, too, especially if they lack affection from their owners.»

«When I touched his belly, the real struggle began.»

«He begged to go outside in the morning, but then the rain came, and my coming home was not in his plans.»

«Someone let out a scream outside the house, and it really alarmed Ben.»

«Sometimes he acts so weird you smile looking at him.»

«I wanted to take selfies with Felix, but he discovered the bird and couldn’t concentrate.»

«His facial expression when I brought him in from the shelter and two months later we already had a home.»

«His reaction to the sound of the mixer in the kitchen was unbelievable.»

«Just look at how cute he’s smiling!»

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