The koala thanked the girl with a kiss for her kind gesture.

Koalas are charming creatures that inhabit the entire territory of Australia. However, despite their attractiveness, they face the negative consequences of human activities, as well as wildfires and floods, which lead to a reduction in their population. This is why they have become more frequent visitors to residential areas, particularly in search of water, especially during droughts.

The author of the video presented below shares their experience of interacting with a koala that would occasionally visit their backyard and perch on a tree near the swimming pool.

On one hot day, the koala finally showed interest in people and came closer to introduce herself.

The girl realized that the animal was thirsty and decided to offer it some water. The koala confidently accepted the offer, drinking from the girl’s hands, and then even nuzzled her face and expressed gratitude by giving her a kiss. After a short pause, this adorable creature left the house’s premises, going about its koala business.

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