The employees of the company couldn’t understand where their cat was getting the cash.

One day, Stuart MacDaniel, the owner of the marketing firm GuRuStu in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, faced a problem. Mice had appeared in their office space located on the ground floor.

After deciding to get a cat, Stewart went to the local animal shelter. The man picked up a six-month-old kitten from there and placed it in the company’s office.

The kitten has settled in nicely in his new place. All day long, he walked around the office, climbed on computer keyboards and «helped» employees send emails they hadn’t written yet, and caught mice.

One day, the firm’s employees discovered something strange. In front of the closed glass doors leading out of the building, there was a pile of small bills on the floor, and their cat was sitting next to it.

People were puzzled. Where did the cat get the money from and in such quantity?

The next day, the situation repeated itself.

Deciding to find out what was going on, the staff began to closely monitor the cat and found out the following. During the day, the cat spends a lot of time in front of the glass doors, basking in the sun. People passing by, wanting to play with the cat, slipped a banknote into the slot, and the cat cleverly snatched it.

It should be said that the building is located in an area where there are a lot of entertainment centers and pedestrian paths. During the day a lot of people passing by the office are not in a hurry. Therefore, a lot of money is collected by the end of the evening.

The employees of the company together with the owner decided to let the money «earned» by the cat for a good cause — to give it to the local center for the homeless. And on the door of the office hung a corresponding announcement.

The fame of the philanthropist cat quickly spread outside the city, and people began to send money for charity even by mail and the Internet.

After discovering this cat’s fondness for cash, he was given the nickname CASHnip (from CASH — cash and CATNIP — catnip).

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