A couple saved a kitten abandoned on the street, and its rare coloring is melting hearts!

Two tiny kittens found their way into the Cat Rescue Center located in Nashville. They were discovered in the yard of their new home by a couple who had recently moved. These little ones were only two weeks old, and they were introduced to two inseparable mother cats who had recently arrived at the shelter. Olivia and Pickle were brought to the shelter a couple of months ago.

They turned out to be friends. The cats ate together, slept and played together. And when they calved almost at the same time, they began to feed their babies together, lying in a cuddle.

Olivia and Pickle immediately accepted the two non-native cubs and began to love them as their own. The babies were named Pretzel and Apricot. The last kitten differed from his brother by his unusual appearance. Due to a genetic malfunction, the baby was born with a unique color. His face is half red, and the second part is black.

Such cats are called «chimeras.» This is explained by the fact that their cells contain a double type of DNA due to the fusion of two embryos during intrauterine development. In such cases, two-faced kittens such as Apricot are born.

The unusual baby fell in love with all the staff of the center. When the baby grows up, he will be looked for good owners, as well as his brother Pretzel, as well as the cubs of foster moms. Olivia and Pickle are also going to be adopted. The shelter staff do not want to separate them, but plan to give them to the same family.

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