Kanye West wrote to Elon Musk that he can’t ‘sit and watch’ as Kim keeps the children away from him.

Kanye West told Elon Musk that he doesn’t have bipolar disorder but has «symptoms of autism» that were triggered by a car accident, according to the Daily Mail, citing a recording of the rapper.

The 46-year-old artist, whose concert in Italy was recently canceled due to protests by war veterans, asked his longtime confidant, Ian Connor, to release screenshots of text messages he allegedly sent to the 52-year-old head of the social media platform X.

Kanye’s page was blocked on Elon’s social network in December 2022, and the rapper appears to be asking for another chance, as he writes in his post.

The most notable part of the text is where the hitmaker says, «I don’t have bipolar disorder, but I developed symptoms of autism after a car accident.

Kanye also touched on more personal matters, addressing his relationship with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, who is the guardian of their four children.

«You can’t just sit there and watch Kim keep my children away from me and not say anything publicly, but consider yourself my friend so I can bring my audience to your social platform,» he noted.

In the lengthy message, Kanye asks the head of Tesla when they can talk, mentioning that while he doesn’t owe him anything, if they can have a conversation, it will change the nature of their relationship.

It remains unclear what prompted Kanye to make such a public statement in the first place.

In December of last year, Elon Musk blocked the rapper’s account after Kanye shared a photo where a swastika was intertwined with the Star of David. The post came just a few hours after an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. West caused outrage by expressing his «love» for Nazis and admiration for Adolf Hitler.

Kanye and Elon had been friends for many years. In July 2020, Elon shared a photo of him and Kanye spending time at their home.

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