Meryl Streep divorced her husband at the age of 74.

The Hollywood star could have celebrated 45 years of married life this year.

However, that didn’t happen. Her beautiful love story with sculptor Don Gammer ended six years ago. But the actress admitted it only now and announced that they had divorced.

Meryl Streep is an unusual actress for Hollywood. And not just because she has an atypical appearance, she has never been a beauty, and never even aspired to be. Always has been what she is, that externally, that spiritually. If she loved, she loved honestly, with all her soul. No cheating and no scandals. At the dawn of her career, she fell in love with the actor John Cazale, who became famous after filming in the movie «The Godfather».

Two years they lived together, were going to get married. But John became very ill, it turned out that he had oncology and Meryl, who was 14 younger than him, looked after him, only sometimes detached to shoot. Roberto De Niro remembering this siuatsiya, said that he had never seen such devotion to feelings. When a loved one died Meryl was crushed, to return to the apartment where she lived with John, she could not and his brother offered to live in the apartments of his friend Don Gammera, who worked in another city.

Later, Don and Meryl would meet, the actress would write him letters as a friend, and he would fall in love. When the sculptor returned to New York, he proposed to Meryl. True, her heart then has not yet thawed, it took time. But the marriage of Meryl and Don was for many years one of the strongest in Hollywood. The actress gave birth to four children. They bought a house in Connecticut, lived in the wilderness and enjoyed life. Don raised the children while Meryl was filming. The actress, receiving the «Oscar» in 2012, touchingly addressed her husband, thanking him for everything he did for her and admitted that she owed him a lot.

However, the last time they went public was in 2018. What happened between the two is unclear. A spokesperson for the stars said that the ex-spouses remained on good terms despite the divorce.

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