The 54-year-old Jennifer Lopez stepped out in a very short skirt.

The American singer and actress often wears very bold outfits.

Undoubtedly, Jennifer Lopez looks fantastic. She spends a considerable amount of time in the gym, follows a proper diet, visits cosmetologists, and, according to rumors, plastic surgeons, so, of course, her age is just a number on paper. In reality, looking at her, you would never think that this woman is well into her 50s. Lopez can afford provocative outfits. Let’s recall how in 2021 she appeared in a super-sexy outfit at the MTV Video Music Awards. The black top and shiny lace-up mini dress made quite a statement. But J.Lo truly shone.

However, sometimes she also has fashion missteps. Recently, the artist stepped out in a black, voluminous short skirt and a jacket adorned with white flowers. The outfit is beautiful, but it still looks rather incongruous on her. Some fashion critics even joked, «Did she borrow it from her daughter?» Indeed, such an outfit would be more suitable for a young girl than a glamorous lady in her 50s.

By the way, the second look that the singer showcased, a white dress with a lace hem, suited her much better. In it, she looked elegant. In the photos, J.Lo couldn’t help but exude her sensuality and displayed stockings with garters. Or perhaps she wanted everyone to envy her long legs, on which there is no hint of cellulite at the age of 54.

In any case, J.Lo, as always, in her element. And her husband, Ben Affleck, is probably thinking about how lucky he is to be married to such a beauty.

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