Fall Basic Wardrobe: Top 8 Items Every Man Needs.

To dress stylishly, you don’t need a lot of clothes. It’s enough to have basic items that go well together and allow you to create different outfits. Plus, this approach can help you save money. Here are eight items that are definitely worth having in your wardrobe.

A basic wardrobe is very convenient. You don’t need to buy a lot of clothes, half of which you won’t wear anyway. It’s enough to acquire just a few simple items, and you’ll be well-dressed for both a city stroll and a business meeting. You save time, money, and closet space. Since everyone has different tastes and lifestyles, the basics can also vary. However, if you buy the items we’re going to talk about, they will definitely come in handy for you this fall.

Blue Jeans

They will never go out of style. These are the most versatile bottoms that go with any tops: shirts, t-shirts, blazers, cardigans. Also, different outerwear. Both a formal coat and a daring leather jacket will look great with blue jeans. The classic dark blue denim shade gives you the maximum number of combinations. You can wear these pants every day: for a walk, a date, a trip out of town. And even wear them to a business meeting if you pair them with the right blazer.

Two-Piece Suit

A man in a high-quality classic suit always looks attractive. Those with a specific dress code at work can’t do without it. Even if you don’t wear such clothes in your everyday life, there are still occasional responsible or festive events where you need to dress up «to the nines.» A basic two-piece suit in a dark color will definitely not hurt.

Solid Color T-Shirt

Finding a good solid-color t-shirt without patterns and decorative elements is not easy. But it goes much better with the rest of your clothing. It doesn’t draw attention and serves as a foundation on which style is built. You can layer any jacket over such a t-shirt, and it goes well with various trousers and shorts. Get at least one white, gray, and black t-shirt. And a couple in your favorite colors, for example, blue and green.

White Shirt

An indispensable part of the business style, and more. If you wear a suit every day, you need several classic white shirts to always look fresh. Even if your job has nothing to do with the office, still get at least one. It’s a stylish and versatile wardrobe item that suits everyone.

Colored Shirt

Unlike stark white, it’s more casual and adds a touch of relaxed style. A good choice is a checkered shirt. It’s a timeless classic that suits everyone. Solid-colored shirts in deep, saturated colors also look great. You can pair them with a suit, jeans, shorts, and chinos.


A great alternative to a wool sweater. For those who prefer a comfortable sporty style, you should definitely get a solid-color sweatshirt. It goes well not only with sweatpants. You should wear it with jeans, chinos, too. On not-too-cold days, you can wear the sweatshirt on its own. And on top of it, any outer layer will do, from a windbreaker to a leather jacket.


An elegant wardrobe element that complements both shirts and t-shirts equally well. You won’t get cold in it. Especially now, layering is in fashion. And on top of it, you can add another layer, even two. For example, a light jacket and a voluminous coat. The main thing is that the textures of the layers above are denser than the cardigan.

Biker Jacket

Stylish and warm, the biker jacket has already become a classic of the men’s wardrobe. It’s ideal for autumn or mild winter. If you find the biker jacket too audacious, try on a leather bomber jacket. It looks more sporty but is equally interesting.

This is just a rough list of basic items for autumn. Choose what really suits your lifestyle, preferences, and appearance. What’s comfortable for you. Experiment and try new combinations. And to avoid buying unnecessary things, always think about what you’ll pair your new item with from what you already have.

Share in the comments, do you have a specific set of everyday basics?»

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