A British woman helped a baby cheetah but couldn’t bring herself to give it to a shelter.

Pets are great friends for every person. What kind of pet lives with you? A cat, a dog or a parrot? Or maybe you have a rabbit or hedgehog living with you?

And here’s a certain girl Heather living with a cheetah, the ultimate predator.

She currently resides in South Africa. This country is known for its high rate of poaching. A hide rug is considered to be of high value. Some residents are chasing the luxury and wealth, not thinking about the fact that there are very few creatures like cheetahs left, they are listed in the Red Book.

A girl who hails from the UK is very fond of animals, and with her now lives together a predatory friend who has the symbolic name of Teardrop. It all started with the fact that the girl began to work in a special organization that deals with the protection of wild creatures.

One of their functions was to search for cheetah cubs that had been abandoned, left alone and doomed to die. But all of this was just a hanger-on. Heather learned that the main clandestine activity of such an organization was to sell poor cubs not officially.

Upon learning this terrible truth, the girl immediately quit her job. But before she did, she bought back one cub, with whom she lives today.

It’s as if he realizes she saved him because he feels genuine affection for the man. They are inseparable. And to save the other cubs, the girl has thrown a cry on social media to raise the necessary amount of money to save the animals.

Her idea succeeded, a sum of money was raised and all the cheetahs were purchased and sent to special sanctuaries.

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