A man saved two foxes, and now they are in love with him.

A man once rescued two fox cubs, and now they are in love with him.
Patsy Gibbons once saved two fox cubs, and since then, they have been inseparable.

When Gibbons discovered the two fox cubs, they were still very young. He raised them and named them Gráinne and Minnie. And as they grew, they didn’t want to leave their adoptive father and chose to stay with him instead of running into the woods.

Everyone in the neighborhood knows about this unusual family, and they are simply amazed by such love and devotion.

In one of the interviews, Gibbons mentioned that people from all over the world approach him for advice on taking care of foxes, and he is happy to share his knowledge. He also noted that he, too, doesn’t know everything, and each day spent with his pets brings him new insights.

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