Celine Dion has stopped hiding the truth about her condition: it’s something you wouldn’t wish on anyone.

The celebrity has a rare, incurable disease.

Celine Dion’s older sister, in a recent interview, attempted to dispel rumors about the singer’s severe condition but ended up confirming them. The illness is making itself known.

The performer of the hit from «Titanic» is bravely battling the manifestations of a rare, incurable disease called «muscle rigidity syndrome.» Modern medicine has not yet found a cure, but there are ways to alleviate the severe symptoms. Due to health issues, the artist has lost the ability to sing.

Claudette Dion, in an interview, noted that the rumors about her sister having cancer are disturbing, and, furthermore, it’s untrue that she cannot walk. However, she mentioned that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the singer to cope with the effects of the disease.

«I know she’s been to Denver a couple of times because there are excellent researchers there, and I keep my fingers crossed. And that’s all we can do,» she said for the Canadian publication  Showbizz.

Source of the photo: Legion-Media.

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