The bearded veterinarian was kind to the orphaned kittens, and they decided that he was their mommy!

Three tiny kittens found on the streets after a storm were brought to a New York veterinary clinic. These little ones were very young and in urgent need of love and maternal care.

They were found right in the middle of the street, next to the lifeless bodies of four more kittens from their litter. It seemed they couldn’t survive the night’s storm and rain. The surviving kittens were only two weeks old when they were discovered, and their condition was critical, with dehydration, exhaustion, watery eyes, and runny noses. They were also wet and shivering from the cold.

Veterinarian Gil Nuñez immediately took on the care of these newborn patients. He prepared a milk substitute and assumed the role of a «dad» for the little ones. The kittens eagerly started to eat.

«These moments bring me true happiness because I’m saving their lives. Now these kittens will never go hungry, be cold, or thirsty ever again!» says Gil.

These little ones received names: Donatella, Gianni, and Santo.

Gil spent the first night with them, feeding and keeping them warm on his chest. It yielded results, and their tiny bodies began to gain strength.

However, respiratory issues continued to develop, and two of the kittens had to be placed in the intensive care unit.

Despite all the efforts of the doctors, Gianni passed away after five days of treatment. Donatella managed to recover, and Santo, the youngest, proved to be the most resilient and strong.

More than two weeks had passed, and Gil continued to care for the two surviving kittens, who had grown very attached to him.

«They respond to my voice, even if I’m in another room. They love sleeping on my chest and burying their little heads under my chin,» says Gil.

Despite being very sleep-deprived, Gil never deviated from the feeding schedule because he knew that these vulnerable little beings needed his care and wanted to live.

«I’m very tired, but I managed to love these little ones,» the veterinarian adds.

«I even brought them to work with me to feed and play with them during breaks between patient appointments.»

Gil successfully transitioned the kittens to «adult» food, but they still chirp when they see a milk bottle.

Gil showers the little ones with lots of hugs, kisses, and love throughout the day.

«It’s time to prepare them for adoption, although it’s very hard for me to imagine having to say goodbye to them. Santo looks into my eyes, playing with my beard when it’s time to sleep. Donatella purrs loudly, asking me to pick her up and stroke her belly,» says Gil.

«Every time I see them running and playing around the room, it brings me immense joy. I worked very hard to save them, and now they are happy. This sense of duty fulfilled makes me feel happy.»

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