The sexy Zorro is no longer the same: it’s hard to recognize Banderas in this wrinkled old man (photo).

The actor has noticeably aged.

The hot seducer and conqueror of a thousand female hearts has tired of his sex symbol image and decided to age gracefully.

It seems the actor is living life on his terms and not concerned about trying to preserve his youth. He was called an ambassador of sexy aging some time ago, but it appears that after the new photos circulating on social media, he may lose that title. The Spaniard looks like just an ordinary 63-year-old man. His curly hair is disheveled, and his shirt is wrinkled. But for him, it seems all of this is secondary – the actor is simply content.

«Aging is normal. I’m happy when people say, ‘Yes, he’s aged, he’s gone gray.’ And that’s fine. After all, one can go crazy with that label of being a Latin lover,» Banderas mused as far back as 10 years ago.

Source: Antonio Banderas / Social Media

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