Taylor Swift has officially become a billionaire.

Taylor Swift has officially become a billionaire, as reported by Bloomberg, thanks to the success of her concert tour and the film «The Eras,» as well as the re-release of her earlier studio albums.

Bloomberg notes that the 33-year-old singer joins other billionaire artists like JAY-Z and Rihanna.

According to the publication, Taylor Swift’s exact net worth is $1.1 billion, which includes an analysis of her music catalog, tour earnings, merchandise sales, and more.

Just from ticket sales for «The Eras» tour in North America, Swift earned $2.2 billion, enabling her to pay more than $55 million in bonuses to her touring team.

Bloomberg Economics also calculated that her 53 U.S. concerts added $4.3 billion to the country’s GDP. As for her concert film, «Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,» which is nearly a three-hour theatrical representation of her performance, it recently became the first concert film in history to gross over $100 million.

In June, the singer was ranked 34th on the list of America’s wealthiest self-made women.

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