Christina Aguilera has introduced an intimate oil for se*ual pleasure.

Christina Aguilera’s sexual health brand, Playground, has introduced a new product for pleasure.

«Mood Maker» is a luxurious new intimate oil designed to uplift your mood. This offering is positioned as the first «adaptogen-based intimate oil that enhances pleasure and mood.» Adaptogens are active ingredients that help your body respond to stressors and mood killers, such as stress and anxiety.

Containing the essence of vanilla, Playground’s Mood Maker is pH-balanced and safe for vaginal use, boasting soothing and nourishing properties. This silky smooth oil, enriched with powerful key ingredients ranging from ashwagandha and maca to special mushrooms, simultaneously excites and relaxes muscles, delivering pleasure.

As Aguilera explained in her exclusive interview with Hypebae, Playground’s key ingredients set the brand apart from competitors because they act as «vitamins for your vagina.»

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