Kendall Jenner has shared why she’s afraid to have children.

Kendall Jenner is not planning to become a mother anytime soon because she’s afraid to have children due to her ongoing battle with anxiety. «It’s one of the reasons why I’m actually scared to have kids,» confessed the 27-year-old Kendall in a recent episode of the reality show «The Kardashians.»

She confided in producer Scott Disick, noting that she was having issues with her Doberman Pinscher named Pyro. «I need help with my dog. He’s just, like, insane. I’m having major problems with him,» the supermodel said. «I struggle with anxiety, and I think he does too,» she continued, adding, «Maybe it’s me. Maybe he senses my anxiety. Maybe it’s me.» When Scott asked her how severe her anxiety had been, Kendall replied, «I’ve been really, really bad.»

It was then that the model expressed her fear of having children due to this issue. «Honestly, the scariest thing for me is, what if I get worse? Because right now, I feel like it’s worse than it’s ever been,» she said.

At the moment, Kendall is focused on her relationship with 29-year-old Bad Bunny. The couple made their first public appearance at the Gucci Ancora fashion show during Milan Fashion Week on September 22. Prior to that, Kendall and the rapper shared photos from a summer vacation but never appeared together in their Instagram photos, despite being in the same places.

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