Piqué fell into a pit during a performance on stage: Shakira’s fans called it karma.

Former football star Gerard Piqué fell from the stage at an event he was hosting. The fall was captured on video and has since gone viral.

The former Spanish defender was on stage at a gala concert for his organization Kings League Americas when he decided to greet the fans. He walked to the edge of the stage, holding his cellphone to his ear, and suddenly fell and disappeared, as if he had fallen into the depths of hell. It appears that Piqué fell into a pit beneath the stage.

Fans of Piqué’s former flame, Shakira, dubbed this incident karma for how he treated the singer.

Piqué and Shakira separated in 2022 without ever getting married. Piqué announced his relationship with 24-year-old Clara Chia Marti seven months after their breakup. In June, the «Hips Don’t Lie» singer revealed that he had cheated on her while her father was in the intensive care unit.

«Shakira planned this,» joked one X (formerly Twitter) user, while another added, «Shakira’s voodoo.» «We can all agree it’s Shakira’s doing,» another noted.

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