Jolie has hired her own daughter as an assistant. She is only 15 years old.

As you probably know, Angelina Jolie has often been involved in controversies, not least of which were her legal battles with Brad Pitt. Thankfully, those recent disputes have finally come to an end. However, that doesn’t stop the «Eternals» star from facing new criticism. This time, it’s related to her daughter.

Angelina has a total of three daughters: biological children Shiloh and Vivienne and her adopted daughter, Zahara. She’s a mother of six children in total and has shared the challenges of raising them. «I have six very different individuals with individual needs and feelings and thoughts, and I worry about them,» Angelina has confessed in conversations with journalists.

However, it appears that this time, the Hollywood star might have crossed a line. The reason for the criticism is that Angelina has hired her daughter, Vivienne, as her personal assistant. «She is quite dedicated and serious about the theatre,» said Angelina. «Viv is working really hard to understand the process.»

But not everyone is on board with Angelina’s decision. While some praise the mother of many for supporting her children, others heavily criticize her actions. According to the critics, she’s blurring the line between her private and professional life. Some even see it as nepotism.

«What kind of nepotism is this? She’s taking a job from someone who could actually use it for their career,» «A real assistant should be someone who knows what they’re doing. A professional who gets paid. If not, it’s exploitation,» «She’s using her own children for PR. Hiring is the lesser evil.»

While hiring one’s own children for a job may not seem like such a bad idea, it might not be the best decision when the child is just 15 years old. However, it’s essential not to rush to judgment when it comes to Angelina. It’s possible that Vivienne asked her mother to assist her in launching her own career. What are your thoughts on this matter? Don’t forget to share your opinions in the comments.

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