Victoria Beckham is furious that her husband posed with J.Lo while she was giving birth.

In October 2023, a new biographical production was released on Netflix, focusing on the relationship of one of the most famous couples in the world, David and Victoria Beckham. Their marriage was once predicted to have a short lifespan, but David and Victoria managed to surprise the public by recently celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary. However, Victoria Beckham’s story illustrates that the happiness of their family was often hanging by a thread.

The story of Victoria Beckham: Behind the Scenes of Family Bliss

A Challenging Marriage

Externally, Victoria and David appear to embody family bliss, but behind the ideal facade, there are plenty of secrets. Devoted fans of the couple are aware that David’s fiery temper has, on more than one occasion, led the athlete’s spouse to contemplate divorce. However, these thoughts were typically related to the philandering escapades of the womanizer…

Fans of the Beckhams are almost certain that David really cheated on Victoria. However, every time, the singer forgave the footballer, even though it wasn’t an easy decision for her. Nevertheless, now Beckham extols the wisdom of his wife to the skies. Apparently, with age, the athlete finally realized what a treasure his providence had bestowed upon him!

A Bright Scandal

Interestingly, according to the singer herself, the closest they came to divorce was in 2005, just before the birth of the couple’s youngest son, Cruz. And interestingly, no seductive diva was involved in this matter, except unexpectedly, Jennifer Lopez! However, even J.Lo had only an indirect connection to the situation.

As you can imagine, the third pregnancy posed significant challenges for Posh Spice. Victoria had to give birth via a cesarean section, and doctors insisted that the famous patient be under their constant supervision before childbirth. Understandably, in such circumstances, the woman needed maximum assistance and support from her spouse.

David was incredibly busy in those days, with commitments lined up.

What’s more, on the very day Cruz was born, Beckham had a scheduled photo shoot with Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé! Of course, this photo shoot was part of a promotional campaign for the Pepsi corporation, and David was set to receive a considerable sum for it. But this didn’t make it any easier for Victoria!

Victoria Beckham later recalled, «I sincerely thought he was mocking me. I was following a strict bed rest regimen and felt like I was about to burst. And for him, he had a photo shoot planned with the fabulous J.Lo, who had no intentions of having kids at the time!» The newspapers delivered to the hospital bed by well-meaning staff only added fuel to the fire.

Victoria Beckham later recalled, «They had David, J.Lo, and Beyoncé all captured in their full glory, with a caption that read, ‘What would Posh Spice say about this?’ Of course, I was furious!» However, it’s important to give credit to David, who somehow managed to both participate in the photo shoot and make it in time for the birth. Perhaps that’s what ultimately saved their marriage!

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