It’s heartwarming to hear about a woman saving three wolf pups. Now, they’ve grown into majestic adults.

Tonya, an American woman in her town, became famous for rescuing animals. Small, sick and just animals in need of a family were brought to her day and night. So when the phone rang far past midnight in her home, she wasn’t surprised.

The excited male voice on the other end of the line reported that an unscrupulous breeder had three puppies dying. He worked for her as a gardener. The man heard that she thought the cubs were underdeveloped and decided to leave them freezing just outside in a cramped cage.

Tonya knew the woman. She had bought the puppies from her for cheap. The breeder was happy to get some money for them.

The puppies turned out to be tricky. They were wolf cubs. It’s not clear how they got to the breeder and why she didn’t recognize them as wild predators.

But those questions weren’t important to Toni. For her, the most important thing was to save the three little ones. They were very weak and required careful care.

For the next few months, Tonya nursed the little raptors back to health. She even gave her charges beautiful Native American names — Wakipi, meaning Dancing Shadow, Yautu — Singing for Me, and Wanagi — Chief Spirit.

Incidentally, Toni herself has a fitting last name — Littlewolf or Little Wolf.

A whole twelve years have passed since that time. Wolves have been living in the wild for a long time. But occasionally they come to visit their godmother, who rescued and nursed them back to health with much love.

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