The homeless German Shepherd ended up with volunteers, and she was in a sad condition.

One day, a homeless German Shepherd found herself at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in a terrible condition, bringing tears to the eyes of the staff at this British animal shelter. However, thanks to experienced volunteers and a caring new owner, Ralph was completely nursed back to health. Now, he can only be considered a handsome dog.

The homeless German Shepherd, named Ralph, arrived at the shelter in a pitiful state. No one knew why such a purebred dog ended up on the streets, but without human care, he had a very rough life. His time on the streets seriously affected his health. This 4-year-old dog was in a sad state.

Tung Wendy, Ralph’s current owner, told Daily Mirror staff that the previous owners did not take care of the dog at all. Ralph, for example, was afraid to leave the house alone, without his owners. Perhaps he feared being left out in the cold and not being allowed back inside. Wendy speculated that he used to just be locked in the yard and left there alone.

Shelter specialists immediately began treating Ralph and worked around the clock to get him back to health as soon as possible. They dealt with an infection and vision problems, and performed surgery on one of his ears.

A month later, Ralph was adopted by Wendy Tung, a woman in her 60s. She and her husband loved the dog so much that they decided not to give him to anyone else. Ralph found a home and a new family.

When Wendy first brought Ralph home, the dog was very weak and emaciated, his bones protruding. It gave her deep compassion.

Today, Wendy claims Ralph is a true gentleman. He has become an obedient and well-mannered dog who doesn’t ask family members for anything extra. He is happy, calm and living happily in his new home. Thus, the stray dog has turned into a real beauty, having found caring and loving owners.

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