Your Romantic Horoscope for October 29


Today, you might make an unpleasant discovery about your partner. However, this could be for the best, as it will remove one illusion, allowing you to more accurately appreciate your loved one.


Your relationship with your loved one may unexpectedly change in an unpredictable direction today. It’s unclear whether this will be for the better or worse, and you’ll only realize over time. Be prepared for the fact that nothing will be the same as before.


Today, your capabilities will align with your desires in all aspects of life, including your personal life. You may feel like a conqueror, a wizard, a great magician, or whatever you want to be. The key is to use your power to benefit yourself or your loved one, as you see fit.


Your loved one will be highly dependent on you in everything today. It’s possible that their life will be, in some way, placed in your hands, as grand as that may sound. Treat this fact with utmost responsibility and do everything in your power.


On this day, your loved one will want to spend the maximum possible time with you. However, your ideas of what constitutes a maximum may slightly differ. Try to coordinate your perspectives and come to a compromise.


Today, you’ll be a target for Cupid’s arrows. Be careful, as they can hurt, especially if changing your lifestyle isn’t part of your immediate plans. For those who want to protect themselves from the influx of tender feelings for an unfamiliar person, we suggest spending the day with the one you are supposed to love according to the family code.


Your loved one may find it challenging to navigate a rapidly changing situation today, feeling like they are adrift in a turbulent sea. You may not be able to calm the storm, but you can help steer the ship.


Today, the most important thing for you is trust in your loved one. It will support you in any difficult situation and come to your aid in a tough moment. If that trust is missing, you might find yourself in a situation akin to a drowning person whose last straw has broken, and now they are adrift in uncertainty.


Today, you should trust your intuition and your loved one in everything. They are likely to be a consistent and reliable source of guidance, as they will think similarly correctly. In case of disagreement, the final decision will be up to you, based on common sense.


Today, you and your loved one may find yourselves on «different wavelengths,» struggling to understand each other, even when using generally understood words and common terms. Perhaps body language will help bridge the gap, even if just a bit.


Your loved one will likely want to hear something more than your usual set of compliments that you give them every day. So, try to come up with something new, spicy, and original that will pleasantly surprise them.


Try to be more attentive to your loved one, spend more time with them, and ask about what’s happening with them. Perhaps they’ll share something interesting with you.

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