«Does she not have a mirror at home?» The Queen of the Netherlands’ outfit was mocked on the Internet.»

As you probably know, the more popular you become, the more attention is paid to every step you take. And when it comes to a royal figure, it’s easier to stay silent on the subject. Unfortunately, none of us are immune to making mistakes. Just a week ago, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands appeared in an awkward outfit, which led to criticism directed at her. So, what makes the wife of King Willem-Alexander stand out this time, you will find out in the next couple of minutes.

«Queen Máxima in an awkward outfit.

It’s no secret that Queen Máxima of the Netherlands often falls victim to public scrutiny for her fashion choices, which are perceived as lacking taste and style. For one of her outfits, Máxima even received the unflattering nickname «Sausage.»

At a recent event, Queen Máxima appeared in an awkward outfit. Her choice of attire, to put it mildly, did not flatter her figure, as it gathered into folds around her abdomen. The beige color only intensified the comparison to a sausage. The outfit was further complemented by oversized black accessories, which unfortunately did not salvage the situation.

Moreover, among fashion critics, Queen Máxima is known primarily for her unconventional outfits. Bright skirts, unusual hats, and animal prints— it’s hard to find a more daring royal figure unafraid to experiment with her style. However, the queen also does not shy away from unique accessories. The result, though, is often met with mocking comments.

«Did she dress in the dark?»

A week ago, Queen Máxima’s fashion sense once again came under scrutiny. She appeared at a public event during a tour of South Africa with her husband, and her choice of dress had obvious flaws. One may wonder whether Máxima has considered changing her stylist.

The issue at hand was the queen’s purple dress made of thick fabric with draping on the shoulder. The primary pattern of the dress was crosses. The dress’s cut was clearly not tailored to flatter the queen’s figure, further diminishing the overall impression. Consequently, Máxima’s fashion faux pas drew attention not only from internet users but also from fashion critics and glossy magazines.

«Did she dress in the dark?» «Doesn’t she have a mirror at home?» «Can someone finally tell her?» «What do they even pay her stylist for?» Nonetheless, some people defended Queen Máxima. According to the latter group, it’s not all that bad. Still, Máxima should undoubtedly reconsider her future fashion choices. What are your thoughts on this matter? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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