Choose your sneakers wisely: the key secrets of selecting men’s sneakers.

When choosing sneakers, it’s important to pay attention not only to the brand. Knowing the secrets of selection is crucial, and we’re here to share them with you.

In the world of fashion, it’s hard to underestimate trainers. Many world-famous brands usually have a collection of sports shoes or at least one branded model. However, when choosing trainers, you need to pay attention not only to the brand. It is important to know the secrets of choice, which we hasten to share with you.

Determine the purpose of the shoes

Before you go to the shop, decide for what purpose you will use sports shoes: to play football, jog, go to the gym or just walk around the city. Tell the sales assistant about your purpose of purchase. Trainers are divided into two types: for certain sports and for everyday wear (casual). It is on the basis of their purpose that you should make a choice in favour of one or the other type.

Trainers for casual jogging and professional running

They have improved cushioning to prevent increased stress on the joints during running and stabilisation to keep the feet in the correct position. Such trainers are very light and comfortable. Feet in them do not get tired, as the shoes do not cause discomfort. High quality materials are used for their production to ensure long lasting performance.

Taking into account the jogging distance, duration and road surface, a representative from the brand shop will help you choose the shoe with the best stabilisation, cushioning and stiffness in the lower part.

Tip: It is best to go for a fitting in the evening, when the foot is well stretched during the day and slightly increased in size, as it is in such a state during running loads. There should be some space left in the sock, so that it is comfortable during use and blisters do not appear.

Trainers for the gym

In the gym, the feet are also under stress, so neglect with the choice of appropriate footwear — can not be neglected. Different and intensive movements of the feet need support in the form of properly selected shoes. First of all, correct fixation and support of the foot in its important areas is necessary. Such shoes should have high breathability, have a low weight, a minimum number of seams or their absence. These nuances affect not only the level of comfort, but also the achievements in sports.

For strength training, the sole should be non-slip, stable and flat. Then it is easier to control your actions and manipulations with the equipment.

For cardio training you need trainers that will firmly fix the foot and support the ankle.

For functional training to be comfortable, the cushioning and flexibility of sports shoes is important.

Trainers for walking (casual)

To this type of trainers do not have strict requirements. The main thing is that they should be comfortable and you like them.

Even though casual sports shoes are not meant for intense exertion, brands have put a lot of effort into making them comfortable and of high quality. Nevertheless, it is better to refrain from doing sports in such shoes, so as not to spoil them and not to harm your health.

Well, and finally we want to say that the quality of trainers do not disappoint, give preference to well-known brands that have proven themselves not only in the world of fashion, but also in sports.

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