Elon Musk is considering turning X into a dating app.

Twitter, now known as X, has long been a place for chaotic debates. According to the owner of the app, Elon Musk, it’s the perfect breeding ground for a dating app.

Since Musk took over in 2022, the app has undergone numerous changes, from its design to Musk’s penis-measuring contest and even payments to creators for additional incentives. Business Insider publishes an article citing leaks from X, noting that Musk’s latest aspiration for the platform is love.

During a «corporate-wide» anniversary meeting, Musk and the current CEO of the app, Linda Yaccarino, engaged in a carefully prepared «scripted» conversation discussing the recent development of the app. As for future developments, Musk, in particular, was excited about his new idea: a «full-fledged dating site» and a «digital bank.»

«Musk did not specify how X would become a dating app… but the idea aligns with Musk’s interest in features that require payment, as most dating apps today are some form of subscription service,» sources said.

Essentially, this expansion is a way to make X a universal store or an «app for everything,» where «people will pay for everything.» «Musk mentioned during the meeting that he expects X to function as a bank by next year, whether users want it or not,» added the source.

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