The Most Beautiful Cat Breeds.

«Perhaps there isn’t a single animal lover who wouldn’t adore cats. These creatures embody grace and elegance, independence and kindness, affection and a mystical spirit.

A cat is as changeable as spring weather: one moment, it’s gently purring and rubbing against your leg, and the next, it’s showing its claws or striding away proudly. Perhaps that’s why we love them. It’s impossible to predict what a purr will do next. Deciphering mysteries is so appealing to humans!

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If someone has a cat in their home, its personality inevitably becomes a topic of discussion in friendly conversations. Cat lovers can spend hours discussing the merits and demerits of their pets. And, of course, the question of which is the most beautiful breed of domestic cats in the world. Undoubtedly, all cats are beautiful, but like people, they have their ‘races’.

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Let’s take a look at our ranking of beautiful purebred cats!

The Abyssinian cat.

This is one of the oldest breeds, which appeared either in Ethiopia or in Egypt. Currently, there are two directions of Abyssinians: American and European. The difference is that the European branch looks a little heavier than the American.

Abyssinian photo

Abyssinian cat coloring resembles a puma: brownish-sandy wild coloring, light coat and black arrows near the eyes are able to captivate any cat-lover. Remarkable and the coat itself abyssinian: it is very beautifully shimmering, and all because of the peculiarity of the color of hairs, which is called tiking.

Abyssinian cat photo

Abyssinian cat is characterized by increased activity. She has to do everything, she needs to know what is going on in the house and in what mood the owner. At the same time kitty rarely release claws during the game and adequately accept children.

Abyssinian breed photo

The nightmare of all owners is upholstered furniture, but Abyssinians have distinguished themselves here too! If contact and trust is established with the animal, you can forget about such troubles.

Abyssinian cat breed photo

The only thing is not to leave unattended fragile breakable objects and close the windows with a net to avoid unforeseen situations. However, this applies not only to beautiful Abyssinians, but to all cats.

The American Shorthair cat.

You’ve all seen the Whiskas commercial, right? And this is the very cat from the commercial! Beautiful, graceful, with unusual coloring and a feminine languid look.

American Shorthair photo

The breed originated as early as the 16th century and at first was an unremarkable rat catcher. Long selection did its job, and now we can see one of the most beautiful cats of the planet.

American Shorthair cat photo

These purrs have a balanced psyche and good health. They are somewhat waggy and unhurried. But this does not mean that the pet can not treat the owner with a grasshopper or a fly, or even a mouse. So the cat shows care for the members of the pack, and you are undoubtedly one of them! Therefore, scolding the animal in any case is not allowed. This will put him on edge and you may lose trust.

American Shorthair cat breed photo

Surprisingly, these mustachios know when it’s okay to play and when it’s best to go about their business. He does not impose their communication, preferring to observe what is happening from afar, occasionally condescending and jumping on your lap. So if you are a busy person, better than an American you will not find!

American Shorthair photo description

The American Shorthair will easily get along with a dog, but you don’t want to tease its instincts with something like a bird or chinchilla. Although these cats don’t like to sit on your hands and are a bit verbal, they are kind to children and can learn the basics of training.

American Shorthair cat photo breed description

Interestingly, the cat in the advertisement has the most popular color (silver marbled), but there are actually dozens of them!

The Angora cat.

The Turkish Angora (Armenian cat) is a beautiful white cat with blue eyes. Its fur flows like threads of silk as it moves. Watching this animal is a true aesthetic pleasure!

Angora cat photo

This breed is also among the ancient breeds and it appeared, as it is clear from the name of the breed, in the place of modern Turkey. Exactly Angorka became the national property of the country.

Angora cat breed photo

The Angora has an amazing intelligence. It is very observant, so if you hid something from her, do not doubt that the cat will persistently search for the disappearance. In this it can be compared to a Bloodhound, following the trail.

Angora cat photo white

Angora cat is not from the fearful, so at the sight of guests it will not frantically huddle under the sofa, and gracefully come out to see what happened in this world and why it is not aware of the situation.

If you do not like noise, the angora will suit you like no one else. They practically do not meow. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but mostly angoras are silent.

Turkish Angora cat photo

The color of the Angora cat can be pure white, as well as blue, black, red and cream. It just so happens that people favor white fur, but in fact angora can be different.

Cream Angora cat photo

And the eyes! You could give the whole world for those pair of sapphires! But even here there can be exceptions. There are cats with both blue and yellow eyes. But individuals with different eye colors are valued more. And it happens that different-eyed males are born deaf.

The Bengal cat.

Bengals are a very young breed of beautiful cats, bred in the United States by crossing wild Asian and purebred individuals. The purpose of breeding was to create a breed that would be distinguished by a distinct leopard coloring along with an affectionate «domestic» character. And it must be said, the breeders were very successful in their endeavors.

Bengal cat photo

A Bengal cat can only be wild if it belongs to the first three generations of hybrids. But at the moment it is unlikely, especially if you buy a kitten in serious catteries.

Bengal cat breed photo

The character of the Bengal cat is balanced, moderately inquisitive. To grow a social animal, it is necessary to be in constant contact with him from the first days of his birth.

Bengal cat breed description photo

Since the ancestors of Bengals are wild cats, their hunting instincts are extremely strong. Everything that they consider their prey, in fact, it will turn out to be. Birds, rodents, insects — these are potential objects for hunting. And even aquarium inhabitants! Do not forget that Asian cats are not afraid of water, so they will gladly fish out of the aquarium some sluggish axolotl.

Bengal cat and water photo

A Bengal cat will not wear you out with its attention. The genes of their jungle ancestors make the cats keep independent of humans. If you take a Bengal in your arms yourself, it will most likely leave immediately. It is better to wait until the cat is in the right mood and will come to you.

Бенгальская кошка и человек фото

At the same time, Bengals do not lack energy and vitality. The cat needs to be exercised, played with and entertained. If there is no outlet for energy, she may start dragging furniture, wallpaper and the like.

Bengal cat character photo

Colors in Bengals are different: from chocolate to blue, but in all cases the requirement for the breed is a sharp contrast between the main color and pattern. And also the fur of cats is distinguished by an unusual shimmering, which is caused by the uneven coloring of hairs.

Silver Bengal cat photo

The Bengal, like all Oriental cats, is very talkative. Its arsenal consists of many sounds from meowing to lurching, and soon you will understand what your beauty wants to say.

The Burmese cat.

The Burma is an ancient breed that originated in what is now Myanmar. No one knows in what century, much less year, it happened, but it was not officially registered until the 1920s.

Burmese cat photo

The Burmese cat lived in monasteries and protected Buddhist monks from evil spirits and was a guide to the next world. It was believed that if after death the monk for some reason did not get to the afterlife, he returned to our world in the form of a cat.

Burmese cat photo

The Sacred Burmese is a cat of exceptional intelligence. All the words of the owner she listens very carefully and it seems that she analyzes what is said.At the same time, the character of the Burmese cat can not be called neither too playful, nor too phlegmatic. This cat has found the golden mean!

Burmese cat photo chocolate color

Kind and affectionate, but at the same time very persistent, Burma at all costs will achieve its goals. That is, if the cat wants something, it is easier to give it to her, otherwise they will take it all by themselves.

Бирманская кошка описание породы фото

By the way, unlike many breeds, the Burmese likes to be on the lap of the owner. And you can put it on your lap and it will curl up in a ball with pleasure, and its gentle purring has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Sacred Burmese cat photo

The Burmese cat is quite independent and subject to mood swings. If too strictly punish the unruly animal, it can seriously offend, up to the rejection of the offender.

Burmese cat breed photo cat character

Burma easily gets along with other animals and just as easily tolerates separation from the owner. But at the same time it is not alien to the sense of ownership, and if you give another pet more attention, the cat can even get jealous, which is expressed in inappropriate behavior.

The Bombay cat.

No, the breed was not bred in India, if that’s what you’re thinking. The Bombay cat is the result of the efforts of an American breeder who wanted to create a breed similar to the black leopard (aka panther). As a result of crossing sable burma and short-haired American black color and appeared this black satin wonder with copper or green predatory eyes.

Bombay cat photo

However, the appearance remained only a shell: in fact, the Bombay is a cat with an affectionate character, inheriting only the best traits from both breeds. She is equally friendly to small children and other pets.

Bombay cat breed photo

The Bombay does not tolerate loneliness. No matter what you do, the cat will follow you everywhere. Cleaning? — Great, let’s see how well the dusting is done! Cooking dinner? — What’s on the menu tonight? How about a slice for me?

Photo of a black Bombay cat

The black Bombay cat usually does not single out a favorite owner in the family and treats everyone with equal adoration. It loves to play, but at the same time it will gladly curl up on your lap any chance it gets.

To be continued.

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