Nicholas Cage: AI is a nightmare for me. It’s inhuman.

Nicholas Cage shared his thoughts on the use of artificial intelligence in movies and his feelings about the final version of his episodic role as Superman in the Warner Bros. film «The Flash.»

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, Cage expressed his personal aversion to artificial intelligence. «AI is a nightmare for me. It’s inhuman. It’s impossible to find anything more inhuman than artificial intelligence.»

According to the actor, although AI played no role in his unexpected cameo as Superman in «The Flash,» the final scene was different from what he had filmed for the 2023 superhero movie. «What I had to do was literally just stand in an alternate dimension, if you will, and watch the destruction of the universe,» explained Cage. «Kal-El bore witness to the end of the universe, and in that brief amount of time that I had, you can imagine what that meant in terms of what I could convey. I had no dialogue, [so it was] about conveying emotion through the eyes. That’s what I did. I was on the set for about three hours.»

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