In the United States, 1.1 million copies of Britney Spears’ memoirs were sold within a week.

In the United States, Britney Spears’ memoir «Woman in Me» sold 1.1 million copies within a week. These sales figures include pre-orders, print copies, e-books, and audiobooks. According to Circana, a market tracking firm, the print edition had a circulation of 418,000 copies.

Spears expressed her gratitude to her fans and readers worldwide for their unwavering support, saying, «I poured my heart and soul into my memoir, and I’m grateful for the support of my fans and readers all over the world.» This memoir was released on October 24, and on the day of publication, Spears announced on Instagram that her book became the «best-selling celebrity memoirs in history.»

However, at this point, it’s not even the best-selling memoir of 2023. «The Spare,» Prince Harry’s memoir released in January, outsold it in the United States with a circulation of 1.6 million copies in the first week. Additionally, memoirs by former President Barack Obama («Promised Land») and former First Lady Michelle Obama («Becoming») have been selling well.

Spears’ memoirs may have a unique impact that Harry and Obama’s books can’t replicate. According to Luminate, a company that analyzes music and entertainment, Spears received a significant boost in terms of streaming and sales in her music catalog.

Within one day last week, from Monday to Tuesday, Spears’ catalog saw an 18.2% increase in streams and a 36.8% increase in album sales. These numbers continued to grow in the following days. According to Luminate, her streams in the U.S. increased by 24% compared to the previous week, going from 16 million to 19.8 million; album sales increased by 61.4%, and digital sales increased by 49%.

According to Gallery Books, the audiobook version of «Woman in Me,» narrated by Oscar-nominated actress Michelle Williams, is the best-selling audiobook release in the company’s history.

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