10 Trendy Men’s Haircuts of 2023-2024

We present to you the Top 11 fashionable haircuts for any hair length. With these, anyone can transform into an interesting, elegant, modern man.

Long gone are the days when members of the stronger sex could not dream of the variety of men’s haircuts that modern fashion offers them now. Nowadays men can choose any hairstyle according to their age, appearance and status.

We offer you Top 11 fashionable haircuts for any hair length. With their help, anyone will turn into an interesting, elegant, modern man.

Box and half-box

These haircuts have always been in fashion. Classic, comfortable in everyday life hairstyles, suitable for any shape of the face and head.

Famous owner of the haircut: Channing Tatum, Wentworth Miller.


This transformer haircut was conceived as a sports haircut. Она удобна в повседневной жизни. Эту стрижку с легкостью можно взъерошить, предав вид художественного беспорядка, а можно и гладко причесать.

Известный обладатель стрижки. Крис Эванс, Бен Аффлек.

British crop.

Another timeless trend is the British cut. This elegant men’s haircut originated in Britain. Full-bodied locks, short temples, and a straight neat forelock will give you the look of a stylish footballer.

Notable owners of this haircut: David Beckham, Justin Timberlake.


Naturally, long hair will also be in fashion in 2017. But they need to be given a neat, attractive shape, which can be done with a «cascade».

Famous wearer of the haircut: Chris Hemsworth, Zac Efron.


The Canadian hockey players of the Soviet Union times contributed to the development of the fashion industry of men’s hairstyles. They became its trendsetters. This hairstyle is a smoothly combed hair with a slight, natural carelessness. The kanadka is especially suitable for men in their prime — it gives a masculine and slight brutality.

Famous wearers of the haircut include Chris Pine, Ryan Gosling.


Nothing complicated, but very trendy and modern. Short on the sides and back, moderately long on top. Gives the look a bold and masculine feel.

Famous wearer of the haircut: Brad Pitt, Nick Wooster.


You can say that the men’s top-knot with the temples cut is an elongated undercut. It takes patience and courage to decide on such a hairstyle. You need to wait until the hair grows on the top of your head and gather it in a bundle. Fashionable, sophisticated and stylish. And the most daring and stylish — let go and beard. This is a good combination. The main requirement for this hairstyle is immaculately trimmed temples, back of the head and sides.

Famous owner of the haircut: Colin Farrell.

Men’s Bundle

Long hair gathered in a knot — this men’s hairstyle is borrowed from girls. However, it fundamentally changes the idea of men’s haircut fashion.

Famous owner of the haircut: Leonardo DiCaprio,Jared Leto.

Classic men’s haircut

The concept of «classic» speaks for itself — always fashionable, relevant and beautiful. This ordinary haircut will be made more modern with just a few fresh touches.

Famous wearers of the haircut include Gerard Butler, George Clooney.

Under Zero.»

The undercut is a popular men’s haircut that is good for its versatility, ease of execution, and material economy.

Famous wearer of the haircut:Bruce Willis, Jason Statham.

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