Meghan Markle’s sickly appearance is scaring fans. What’s wrong with her?

As you probably know, each year brings new trends in fashion. Recently, the focus was on women with curvier figures, but today, the spotlight is on the trend of a slender look, as seen with Meghan Markle. Some celebrities have chosen to embrace this trend, and it was recently revealed that Meghan Markle has noticeably slimmed down. Now, let’s explore the reasons behind this and see how Prince Harry’s wife looks today.

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Meghan Markle has noticeably slimmed down.

It is no secret that Prince Harry, along with his wife, is under the watchful eye of the public. This is not surprising, as the younger brother of Prince William has become one of the most scandalous celebrities in recent years. The Duchess of Sussex tries not to lag behind her husband.

However, this time, the reason for attention to the woman was not another scandal but her appearance. You see, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently attended Katy Perry’s concert at the Resorts World Theater. And attentive viewers did not miss the fact that Meghan Markle has noticeably slimmed down. What’s more, Prince Harry’s wife had to take off the ring he gave her back in September so that it wouldn’t slip off her finger.

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Now, her transformation cannot go unnoticed, even by less observant internet users. Interestingly, due to the weight loss, Markle even had difficulty moving. As a result, some fans believe that Meghan is not chasing fashion but is struggling with a serious illness. But is it really so?

Stress and Worries

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As many viewers note, excessive thinness did not prevent the Duchess from having fun at Katy Perry’s concert. Moreover, the 42-year-old brunette even managed to dance to her neighbor’s favorite hits from Montecito. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that Meghan Markle’s sudden weight loss is related to a multitude of worries.


As you surely know, in recent times, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have had to part ways with several contracts. Among the most notable terminations are, of course, deals with companies like Spotify and Netflix. Neither the documentary about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s life nor the duchess’s podcast brought in any part of the agreed-upon profit.

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Moreover, the scandalously famous couple is not welcomed at the royal palace. For instance, the British king’s birthday is approaching, yet there is still no information about Prince Harry being invited to the celebration. However, the dukes are not giving up, and according to insiders, they have already secured the support of the billionaire Ken Griffin. What will come of this, time will tell.

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