10 sex discoveries that every man makes.

A man who is just beginning his intimate life is influenced by myths and illusions inspired by various films, magazines, and stories from friends…

A man who is just beginning his intimate life is influenced by myths and illusions inspired by various films, magazines, forum discussions, and stories from friends. About the typical misconceptions and discoveries in the world of «big sex,» read on in this article.

1.Movies and reality are different things

Having watched various pornographic films in his youth (and even in adult life, let’s be honest), a man may develop a series of false beliefs about women. Here are the most popular ones:

Sex ends with ejaculation on the woman,

A woman likes to swallow semen,

For anal sex, a condom is not needed; you can engage in vaginal, anal, and oral sex without changing the condom or without it altogether.

In other words, a man develops a sophisticated notion of sex, and he doesn’t understand why a woman might refuse to swallow semen or engage in anal sex without a condom. The same applies to the rejection of the suggestion to perform oral sex during lunch break (without taking a shower beforehand, of course).

Initially, there is confusion. He may think that this woman is strange, break up with her, search for others, and only then realize that a woman is a person who values hygiene, semen is not cream, and sex should bring moral pleasure primarily, not just physical.

2.Size doesn’t matter

Porn films, as well as various stories about a man needing to have an impressive genital organ in length and thickness, and a woman needing a full bust, a wasp waist, and slender legs, create incorrect perceptions in a young man.

Many teenagers and even men believe that satisfying a woman can only be achieved with a large «member» (no less than 20 cm in length), and women with unimpressive buttocks and small breasts are useless in bed.

But then, they are surprised to notice that the main thing is not the size of the organ but the ability to control it. And for a skillful lover, shapes don’t matter at all.

3.Experience comes with age

Initially, a man prefers younger women. And since women in their youth want to date older men, they find each other. The logic of the male representatives is simple – the younger, the better. On a subconscious level, another reason kicks in – the younger the woman, the less experienced she is, and the better he will look in her eyes (more precisely, in bed).

I’m not as macho as I think I am

Over time, a man begins to objectively assess his abilities in sex. After all, initially youthful fervor and the game of hormones stupefy the mind and carry a young man forward to adventure.

He considers himself the sexiest, strongest, witty, able to seduce any girl. At first it really happens, but over time, monotonous behavior and thinking not only annoys women, but also gets bored with the man himself. He is increasingly getting from the gate turn, because of which he is forced to rethink his worldview.

A man realizes that macho in women’s understanding — it is not only pumped up handsome, but also a soulful man. And let the soul is not too associated with macho, without it a woman can not conquer.

Any woman can be seduced

The more beautiful a woman, the stronger both wants and fears her man. It’s a fact. As well as paradoxical that beautiful women often remain deprived of the attention of men.

Today, a variety of trainings teaching «pickup skill» prove that it does not matter how you look, and how beautiful a woman. The main thing — self-confidence and a special approach to women. It’s not for nothing that Agatha Christie once said: «I’ve always wondered why the worst of men attract the interest of the best women.»

Sex on the first date happens only in the movies

Of course, sex on the first date happens not only in movies, but also in life. However, it is so rare that such a situation can be talked about as something out of the ordinary. At the same time, movies and magazines constantly demonstrate the opposite.
And if at a younger age, the obstacle to quick sex can be an apartment issue, then at an older age people, having gained experience, are not in a hurry to quickly go to bed, if it is not an end in itself. To explain the reasons for this, I think, it is not necessary, since much has been written about it.

Sex in a car is dangerous

Oral sex while driving a car is a favorite fantasy of teenagers, inspired by watching movies. However, older men also dream about it. Who watched the movie «Basic Instinct-2», will understand the reason.
However, in reality, it is not as exciting as it seems. It’s one thing when a woman gives a blowjob while the car is idling or in a car theater. But oral sex on the freeway at speeds above 100 km / h — this is a very extreme pleasure, because the slightest loss of concentration is fraught with serious consequences.

And if in adolescence men have a more dismissive attitude to life, then over time they begin to appreciate it more. Therefore, they will prefer such an extreme blowjob in a quiet home environment.

A threesome is not the best experiment

Much is said and written about how to save a disintegrating marriage or just to bring revitalization to a boring married life. Among such methods are called and threesomes, and often W + M + W (for a woman to allegedly save the marriage is more important, so it is necessary to satisfy the male whim).
However, when in bed with spouses appears someone third, then we can say with a high degree of certainty that the marriage comes to an end.

So this kind of experimentation should be done either before marriage or on the side. Unless, of course, before the wedding you and your wife did not agree otherwise.

Married is not scary at all

Many men mistakenly believe that the more women they seduce, the more pleasure they will get. However it is not so.
Annoying promiscuous sex is one of the main reasons that push men to get married. Some, however, while claiming that one does not interfere with the other (ie, mistress — a mandatory «component» of married life), but over time they realize that you can get pleasure and with one constant partner.
After all, the main thing in sex, I repeat, not physical pleasure. And it is unlikely that men have such a wide soul to love a dozen or two women.

Sex in marriage strengthens feelings

One of the latest scientific studies says that married couples have sex more often than just lovers. Husband and wife, according to experts, make love on average 2.8 times a week, while free partners — on average once every 10 days.
The reason for this phenomenon is simple — it is easier to have sex with a legitimate partner within the walls of the home than outside it. Besides, sex with a wife (spouse) is reliable and calm. I note from myself that it is also safe.
So the popular belief that marriage kills sex, is fundamentally wrong. And to this understanding comes to every man who lives in harmony with his spouse.

To summarize, I note that all sex discoveries that every man makes in his life are positive. So you should not be afraid of it.

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