A woman accidentally heard the cry of a blind kitten at the shelter and simply could not leave without him.

The blind shelter kitten caught the attention of a visitor with its loud cries. She couldn’t leave him to his fate.

Katie Bockman, a kitten rescuer from Sanford, North Carolina, visited a local cat shelter for a couple of kittens when suddenly she heard a cry coming from one of the cages. She turned to the sound and saw a little blind kitten desperately trying to get her attention.

«This little guy came into the shelter right off the streets. I came to get the other two kittens, but I couldn’t leave him crying,» Kathy shared.

As soon as the woman approached, the kitten meowed even louder, though it seemed like a long shot. She gathered up all three little ones and rushed to the veterinary clinic.

«He was tired, scared and unresponsive to anything but food.»

Kathy took him home and wrapped him in her best heated blanket. Her dog Burt came to support her guest, and kept him company from the start.

«The next day he was completely different. Started playing with some toys, licking my face… He turned into a playful, affectionate and goofy kitty,» says Katie.

The baby is completely blind due to microphthalmia, a congenital pathology characterized by abnormally small eyeballs. But the kitten himself doesn’t seem to be bothered by the affliction.

Knowing that he would need special care and his home would need to be fully equipped to handle any potential problems, Katie sought help from the Odd Cat Sanctuary chapter in Seilham, Massachusetts.

Tara Kay, the organization’s founder, was ready to welcome the blind toddler with open arms. «We help ‘problem’ kittens and cats that are often neglected,» she said.

They named him Melvin.

«He’s the perfect pet. Loves to eat and play, starts purring as soon as you pick him up,» says Tara. — He screams loudly to be noticed, but stops when he gets attention.

Melvin was underweight at the shelter. In a few days, under the care of his new guardians, he has somehow gotten all flattened out and even flaunts a little potbelly now.

The black and white cutie does just fine without sight, making full use of his other senses, which he has heightened.

He can navigate and pinpoint the location of a moving toy with his amazing hearing and sense of smell.

«He flares his nostrils and listens. He’s very brave, nothing seems to scare him,» Tara adds.

Melvin doesn’t know what it is to have sight. He «sees» the world differently.

This playful, funny and inquisitive little guy doesn’t think he’s any different from other cats.

Melvin has taken a liking to his new home. He’s even picked out some favorite positions here to «review» the rooms.

«I’m so glad I was able to save him and change his fate,» says Kathy. Every person involved in our common cause of animal welfare does what they can. Speaking for myself, I’m doing what I can and hope I’m helping at least a little bit.»

Melvin’s cry caught Katie’s attention, after which the kitten’s life changed forever. He went from hopelessly wandering the streets to luxurious surroundings — this boy knows exactly what he wants out of life!

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