My German Shepherd has made herself a friend.

Recently, my four-legged friend ran around for about 10 minutes and then abruptly headed home. I noticed that Thor turned his face away from me, and there was clearly something in his mouth. I took a look, and it was a kitten! Very small, skinny, and dirty. I looked at my feline savior, took the kitten into my pocket, and we returned home.

First thing, I fed this miracle. It didn’t even know how to lap, so I had to give it a little milk from a syringe. Then I washed the little one. Thor sat nearby, holding his breath and hardly blinking. Every time the kitten squeaked, Thor twitched. During the washing, I determined that it was a girl. Just what I needed!

Finally, the procedure was over, I wrapped her in a towel, put her on the chair to warm up. Thor approached, very carefully took the bundle, and carried her to his bed. There he surrounded her and quieted down. While the kitten slept, he only blinked with his eyes, then he fell asleep himself.

I went to the pet store to buy a flea collar, a litter box, and a bowl. At home, the kitten had already woken up and crawled on the floor, and Thor crawled after him with an endearing expression on his face. I started thinking about what to name our new friend. I found on the internet that Thor, the god, had a daughter named Modi. So that’s what I named her.

Now, this little rascal is running the show! Thor can’t stand her, and he has to take her with us for walks and to work. Recently, a neighbor came by, and Thor is friends with him. But then Modi got jealous, took her to her corner, and didn’t let her out until the neighbor left.

And someone says that dogs and cats are enemies!

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