A cat is a sensitive soul; she can also feel offended.

All cat owners know firsthand how sensitive these animals can be.

Sometimes, in the heat of play, they don’t pay attention to their claws and paws and can accidentally cause pain to their owner or, for example, damage furniture. And sometimes, a cat itself can be quite mischievous… How often have you caught these furry ones on the table, eating your lunch?

Because of this, naturally, we raise our voices at them, scold them, and may even punish them by locking them in another room.

But don’t think they don’t feel anything; they, like humans, know how to get offended. We’ve prepared 10 photo examples for you on this topic, where these four-legged friends showcase their personalities.

— What happened? — Nothing!

I’m not talking to you!

So what, the vase with the toilet got confused, what’s the big deal?

Are you going to ask me again to hang on the curtain?

Do you pity that poor chicken leg?

I won’t tell you anything; my pose will speak for itself.

Now you’ll wake up on your own in the mornings.

They seem to feel sorry for the fish, you see…

The whole neighborhood laughed at me, I won’t wear this on myself anymore!

And don’t even look at me!

I’ve expressed my ‘Phew’ to you.

I’ve already come up with a revenge plan!


Even posted a photo on the Internet…

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