To wear men’s jeans and how to choose them.

Once considered the most fashionable and luxurious part of the wardrobe, jeans were highly valued, almost on par with owning a car. A person wearing jeans was considered part of an exclusive class. Pants were an exclusive commodity, bringing charm and European style to one’s appearance. For this reason, men didn’t think twice about what to wear with black jeans or how to combine blue trousers. Today, a pair of jeans is the foundation of any wardrobe, but not every outfit created with them elicits admiration from onlookers. For each pair of men’s trousers, designers have specific recommendations for combining them with other elements of an outfit.

Review of Men’s Jeans Models:

1. Classic straight-cut jeans.

Classical men’s jeans with a straight cut.

Maybe someone might find this style old-fashioned and outdated, but according to stylists, classics are timeless. Straight high-rise jeans are undoubtedly a must-have in a man’s wardrobe, regardless of his profession, style preferences, or age. Properly chosen classic jeans fit snugly at the waist and reach the middle of the back of the shoe. A characteristic «groove» is formed in the front. Slightly tapered towards the bottom, jeans are also considered classic.

2. Bootcut.

Bootcut jeans

In this model, the pants flare out from the knee, and their length reaches the heel, creating a visual impression that the bottom of the pants cuts into the footwear. The fashion secret: this style of jeans is excellent for correcting such a flaw as wide hips.

3. Skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans are skinny jeans

Skinny jeans for men come in various degrees of tapering, with the skinniest being the ones that closely follow the contours of the legs, providing a tight fit. These trousers are often worn with the option to roll them up at the bottom or go for a cropped look – styling choices that work particularly well with this fit. Fashion tip: opt for skinny jeans if you’re confident and comfortable. The tapered leg visually slims down even the skinniest legs.

4. Color palette

Blue and black are two classic colors that can be perfectly combined with clothes and fit into different stylistic images. Also popular this season are gray, white and blue shades. In the fashion collections of famous brands are jeans of green, burgundy, yellow, beige shades. If you prefer epatage and like to attract attention with bright, extraordinary images, pay attention to models decorated with prints.

Jeans embellished with print, for the most daring of the bold

Fashion tip: The basic thing in a man’s closet — classic jeans in dark blue color. Materials For sewing jeans, regardless of the style and model is used durable, cotton fabric.

Of particular importance is the weave — it should be diagonal. If jeans are sewn from a fabric consisting solely of cotton, after washing they give shrinkage. Optimal is considered a material that slightly stretches — with the addition of elastane (from 2 to 5%). This model sits perfectly on the figure and do not stretch at the knees. Fashion tip: feel the fabric of jeans, it should be slightly velvety.

Decor and accessories Since we are talking about restrained men’s fashion, stylists recommend refraining from bright colors, a lot of decor and accessories. A man should always look impeccable and most importantly — according to age. Applications, embroideries and bright prints are fashion, appropriate in adolescence. The more respectable the age of the man, the more conservative should be the model of jeans.

With what to wear classic jeans of blue and black colors

First and foremost, jeans are an integral part of casual style. They pair well with white T-shirts, checkered shirts, warm cardigans, and pullovers. Some stylists argue against wearing jeans with a denim shirt, but if all elements of the outfit are coordinated in the same tone, it looks stylish.

Jeans of light blue shade are combined with white T-shirts, light shirts, sweatshirts and thick knit sweaters. As for outerwear, jeans look quite harmonious with a leather jacket. If you want to give some rigor and restraint to your image, wear a white or blue shirt, and put a jacket on top.

Complete the image with accessories — belt, tie or scarf, it is important that they echoed the shade of shoes. Black jeans look harmoniously with sportswear, with things in casual style and even classics. Combine them with shirts of different shades, bright sweaters and cardigans, high neck sweaters, sweaters and turtlenecks.

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