The object of envy for all cats in the world after showcasing the carefree life of an Italian woman’s cats.

Now, feline happiness has a visual embodiment — as seen in the photos of the soulful Italian Alessandra from Liguria, who dotes on her cats.

The secret to a calm, happy and harmony-filled feline life is simple: Alessandra is a talented trainer and a great hostess to her pets.

She knows how to find a common language with them, thanks to which these wayward and willful, proud animals have made a kind of pact with her about decent behavior and obedience.

How she managed to negotiate with them is her secret.

But her cats spend their energy climbing trees, not tables, and they’re smart enough to deduce a consequence from the causes of this behavior in the form of the perks their lives are full of.

And then, they get along well with their surroundings: other cats, dogs, strangers.

Alessandra just loves her charges.

And maybe that’s the secret to her living so harmoniously with these willful creatures?

With a simple motto: «If it’s good for my cats, it’s good for everyone!»

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